Soft Service Consultancy Services:

Cleancor provides Subject Matter Expert consultancy services for all soft service environments and situations.

We have over 25 years experience covering all aspects of soft services for Cleaning, Security, Waste, Window Cleaning, Specialist cleaning, Laundry services and Wash room services to provide SME support.

Specialists in:

    We provide support to assist with pre qualifying to bid for work.

    Bid writing:
    Preparing a bid is very import and part of a tendering process, we assist with the bid solution and writing inline with your companies object.

    Mobilisation is initiated between the contract award through implementation to go live date. This is the crucial period to ensure service delivery is uninterrupted whilst winning hearts and minds of new staff and the client.

    Business Improvement and change management:

    Our business improvement skills are designed to produce value through financial efficiency whilst increasing productivity. Additionally we are skilled with supporting contracts from mobilisation to transition period.